It is RPM First Aid Services goal to help fulfill the general contractor's and prime developer's responsibility to all employees for providing a safe work environment.

RPM fully understands the delicate relationship between all parties involved and will work towards supporting a strong, safe and productive job site with qualified and reliable team players.

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Provide certified OFA's and CSO's to project sites after completion of an initial site assessment
  • Sites are monitored by RPM management to ensure Occupational Health & Safety Programs and WorkSafe regulations are being implemented. This is at no charge to the site, this is to supervise RPM employees. Additional services and inspections can be provided as requested by site management
  • RPM employees will be monitored to ensure that pertinent information is documented. ie. Manpower counts, daily inspections, safety meetings, site risk assessments and implementation of any site specific WorkSafe orders.
  • RPM First Aid Services provides it's employees with site specific training and certification ie. Hoist/arial manlift tickets.
  • Coordinate coverage of the first aid attendant's duties for vacation time, sick days or re-certification training.
  • RPM management will be available during site hours of operation to all our employees and site management for any questions or assessments regarding site safety and first aid coverage.

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