RPM First Aid Services Ltd. and RPM Safety Management hires, trains and retains our employees and management staff by providing on site guidance and monitoring to ensure that top quality service is being provided. Our staff has a vast range of safety experience in construction, mining, oil and gas industry and special events programs.

Robert Moynahan – President/Founder

Robert is an OFA Level III First Aid Attendant for the past 15 years, certified Construction Safety Officer and Trade Safety Coordinator. He founded RPM First Aid Services Ltd ten years ago, and expanded to add RPM Safety Management four years ago. Robert has been on various types of construction sites coordinating safety hazard assessments, conducting sub trade safety training seminars, developed site specific OH & S programs, and conducted accident investigations.

Patti Moynahan – VP Operations/Founder

Patti was the controller for a general contractor for seven years and for an architect for six years. She was involved with job costing for commercial, industrial, and multi residential types of construction. Patti was a bookkeeper and office manager for a local office of a national accounting firm, overseeing the bookkeeping and administrative staff. Currently Patti maintains the records and financial reporting for RPM, and continues to help market and build the business.

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